“I’ve been playing and talking music with Becky since this pandemic started. From our initial conversations it was clear that she had wanted to go deeper into her music and wanted to achieve greater expression. On this recording Becky puts her musical discoveries on display, playing lots of beautiful tunes with genuine authentic feeling and expression. Well done Becky!” – Martin Hayes, 2021

“Gorgeous, gorgeous tone and the loveliest of feels! Becky’s music has a maturity and a deepness and an understanding to it which has a huge impact and really makes her stand out. Becky is a brilliant, brilliant musician” – Ryan Young, 2021

“Becky beautifully interprets traditional and contemporary tunes, really getting the vibe of the music under her skin. Using her academic research skills to unearth long distantly heard tunes and playing them alongside newly composed material, she breathes new life into both.” – Fay Hield, 2018

“a very fine fiddle player” – Johnny Coppin, singer/songwriter and presenter of the Acoustic Show on BBC local radio across The West. 2018

“What a superb night!  We couldn’t have asked for better.  A tremendous variety of tunes and songs – with playing dangerously close to virtuoso and a delightful stage presence that draws the audience in.”  Tom Brown – Shammick Acoustic 2016

Mischief Afoot CD reviews 2018: “a very pleasant and entertaining recording and deserves a place in every traditional music afficianado’s collection. It’s a delightfully easy to listen to piece of work” Derek Gifford Folk Northwest 2018

“John Davis contributes one self composed tune and Becky Dellow two, including the beautiful ‘Ruskin Mill’ that ends Mischief Afoot in reflective style.” Ian Croft RnR 2018

“Highly listenable and engaging, the songs and tunes have a freshness, despite the age of some of the material” AW Northern Sky Magazine 2018

“Fiddler Becky Dellow makes a lovely job of Alasdair Fraser’s Bennachie Sunrise…and her duet with recorder player John Davis on Morgan Rattler is very pleasant. The pair also complement each other on The Star of Munster and The Pigeon on the Gate, Irish session chestnuts…Mischief Afoot closes with another charming piece, Dellow’s Ruskin Mill, beautifully played on solo fiddle and then with recorder and guitar harmonies, a very sweet ending”. Alex Monaghan 2018

“This is a pleasing debut album from a Cotswold-based trio of Becky Dellow (fiddle), John Davis (recorder, bodhran) and Jeff Gillett (vocals, guitar and mandola). These experienced musicians deliver a confident set of mainly traditional songs and tunes from England, Ireland and North America…Becky provides three fine tunes of her own in Lost In Washing, Oddpiece Jig, and the reflective Ruskin Mill. Good listening…It should do much to raise the trio’s profile” Tony Hendry Living Tradition 2018

Rabbi John CD review: “The beautiful duet between Becky and guest guitarist Ed Boyd [which] is the stand out track for me. Dave Beeby Living Tradition