Take Her Out and Air Her!

Finally I have recorded my first solo album…’Take Her Out and Air Her’ due out in the Spring of 2021. Recording is all finished and just the mixing, mastering and marketing to go!

Recorded at Polyphonic Studios in Stroud, UK under the expertise of Lukas Drinkwater, the album is a culmination of the influences of Martin Hayes and Sam Sweeney, both of whom mentored me throughout the summer of 2020.

I continue to study the fiddle with Martin Hayes, and using his expertise and guidance I am trying to allow my own musical voice to develop through my fiddle playing.

The album title comes from the title of the first track and resonates with rekindling my love for fiddle playing.

(Can’t wait to share the album with you!)

Becky x

New Year, New Name

I’m delighted (and relieved!) to announce that I passed my viva in October 2018 and have been awarded a PhD in Musicology. It’s odd to be Dr Dellow, and even stranger to be without the three 19th century men to whom I’d grown so close. Hopefully the new year will bring new projects and research, and maybe even a job!

My fiddle playing and research joined forces in November 2018 when Rob Harbron recorded me playing some of the tunes from Thomas Hampton’s tunebook, including one on Thomas’ actual fiddle. Audio files to be uploaded shortly…

2019 also brings the 2nd ‘Traditional Tunes and Popular Airs’ conference to be held at the University of Sheffield in June, which I am helping Dr Julia Bishop to organise. (see facebook page for more details).

New Reviews Just In!

A sample of some of the reviews coming in – see Review page for full text and click on some of the sample tracks on the right to have a listen. Message me if you would like to buy a copy:

“a very fine fiddle player” – Johnny Coppin, singer/songwriter and presenter of the Acoustic Show on BBC local radio across The West. 2018

“a very pleasant and entertaining recording and deserves a place in every traditional music afficianado’s collection. It’s a delightfully easy to listen to piece of work” Derek Gifford Folk Northwest 2018

“John Davis contributes one self composed tune and Becky Dellow two, including the beautiful ‘Ruskin Mill’ that ends Mischief Afoot in reflective style.” Ian Croft RnR 2018

Mischief Afoot closes with another charming piece, Dellow’s Ruskin Mill, beautifully played on solo fiddle and then with recorder and guitar harmonies, a very sweet ending”. Alex Monaghan Folkworld.eu 2018

“This is a pleasing debut album…These experienced musicians deliver a confident set of mainly traditional songs and tunes…Becky provides three fine tunes of her own in Lost In Washing, Oddpiece Jig, and the reflective Ruskin Mill. Good listening…It should do much to raise the trio’s profile” Tony Hendry Living Tradition 2018


Becky Dellow News

1st August 2018

It was about time I updated my online profile since the software had been discontinued on my old site and I couldn’t login to update anything!

So, what’s new? Lots more images and up-to-date info with some great reviews stacking up from the new album I recorded with Mischief Afoot earlier in the year. There are a couple of sample tracks to listen to on the right hand side and ping me a message if you’d like to buy the album…

It’s been a busy year so far with my PhD thesis being submitted (awaiting viva examination with Dr Vic Gammon and Dr Julia Bishop). Fay Hield was a super supervisor and the topic is all very folk related – if it passes I can send you a copy if you have trouble sleeping 😉 I’m planning an exciting new project focussing on some of the research carried out during the PhD so watch this space!

Enjoy browsing, Becky