1st August 2018

It was about time I updated my online profile since the software had been discontinued on my old site and I couldn’t login to update anything!

So, what’s new? Lots more images and up-to-date info with some great reviews stacking up from the new album I recorded with Mischief Afoot earlier in the year. There are a couple of sample tracks to listen to on the right hand side and ping me a message if you’d like to buy the album…

It’s been a busy year so far with my PhD thesis being submitted (awaiting viva examination with Dr Vic Gammon and Dr Julia Bishop). Fay Hield was a super supervisor and the topic is all very folk related – if it passes I can send you a copy if you have trouble sleeping 😉 I’m planning an exciting new project focussing on some of the research carried out during the PhD so watch this space!

Enjoy browsing, Becky